Citizen and Technical Advisory Committees

The managers appoint members to the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) as needed to advise the board on regular watershed business or special projects.  Committee members must live in the communities that are included within the watershed boundaries.  CAC members can be appointed to the advisory committee at any regular board meeting throughout the year. MS 103D.331. For more information or to volunteer to participate, contact Jim Shaver at (651) 433-2150.

Citizen Advisory Committee   

Scott Alexander, Stillwater
John Bower, Stillwater
Kate Carlsen, Stillwater
Rex Ewert, Marine
Burt Fisher, Scandia
Maurice Grogan, Marine
Bob Iverson, Stillwater
Harold Johnson, Marine
Joel and Christine Johnson, Scandia
Wade Johnson, Stillwater
Larry Kennedy, Stillwater
Sally Leider, Scandia
Dave and Lynn Linder, Marine
Fran and Ann Michaud, Marine on St. Croix
Gary Orlich, Marine
Jack Parcheta, Stillwater
Jessica Parcheta, Stillwater 
Pete and Elsie Riehle, Stillwater
Diane Rohan, Marine
Jim Roussin, Stillwater
Jim Schoeller, Stillwater
Dave Seely, Marine
Bruce Swensen, Scandia
Dean Tharp, Stillwater
Dana Vogen, Scandia
Larry Whitaker, Marine
Mike White, Marine


The Technical Advisory Panel and Committee advise the board on technical aspects of watershed business and special projects.  

Wetlands Conservation Act Technical Evaluation Panel 

Jenifer Sorensen, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Area Hydrologist
Dennis Rodaker, Board of Water and Soil Resources Wetland Specialist
Jed Chesnut, Washington Conservation District Water Weland/Natural Resource Specialist
Jim Shaver, CMSCWD Administrator
Brook Hayworth, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Specialist Senior Ecology Services

Technical Advisory Committee

Jenifer Sorensen, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Area Hydrologist
Jed Chesnut, Washington Conservation District Wetland/Natural Resource Specialist
Jay Riggs, Washington Conservation District Manager
Erik Anderson, Washington Conservation District Water Resource Specialist
Mary Peterson, Board of Water and Soil Resources Board Conservationist
Debbie Meister,  MMC Associates (education, outreach)
Carl Almer, Emmons & Olivier Resources, Engineer