The Watershed District’s Bylaws establish rules governing conduct and procedures of the managers of the Carnelian-Marine-St. Croix Watershed District, and the administration of its business.  MS 103D.315, sub. 11

Watershed Districts

Watershed Districts are established to conserve the natural resources of the state by land use planning, flood control, and other conservation projects.  MS 103D.201, sub. 1

Watershed District Managers

Managers are appointed by the county board of commissioners for a three-year term of office, and distributed by residence to represent the hydrologic areas with the watershed.  MS 103D.311. sub. 2; MS 103D.315, sub. 6

Manager Qualifications

A manager must be a resident of the watershed district, may not be a public officer of the county, state, or federal government, and may be a soil and water conservation district (SWCD) supervisor.  MS 103D.311, sub. 1

Managers Roles and Board Responsibilities

Board Managers direct the activities of the district, set policy, guide staff, and make key decisions on Watershed District priorities.  Managers are required to make decisions on behalf of the entire watershed district.  

Board responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Ensure that the district meets the needs of all the people it serves.
  • Exercise leadership within the watershed communities.  Work collaboratively as a board on public policy issues and encourage participation in the citizens’ advisory committee.
  • Elect officers: president and secretary/treasurer and conduct regular board meetings.

 Hire staff and delegate the authority to carry out district policies.

  • Ensure that any staff or consultants employed by the district have a complete description of their responsibilities.
  • Conduct an annual presentation to the county board, city councils, and/or township boards.
  • Develop a mission statement, policies and rules for the conduct of district business and the implementation of district goals. Full description provided in BWSR/MAWD Watershed District Manager’s Handbook.
  • Sign an oath of office and bond Managers must take and sign an oath of office.  Managers must file a bond with the BWSR before assuming duties.  Many watershed districts presently use what is commonly referred to as a “position bond”, a single bond that lists the board positions, rather than individual managers.  MS 103D.315, sub. 1, 2 

Manager Compensation and Reimbursement

The Board managers are entitled to compensation and reimbursement for performing their watershed responsibilities, official duties and necessary travel.  Managers are compensated for board meetings at $75.00 per meeting, for other watershed activities at $10.00 per hour, not to exceed $75.00 per day, and mileage at current federal IRS rates.  Current regulations require watershed districts to file a W-2 form for managers which receive per-diem and expenses during the year.  Watershed districts are advised to consult with the IRS on specific reporting requirements. MS 103D.315, sub. 8

Regular Meetings

The Board will conduct regular meetings at 6:30 PM on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month.  The Board will schedule future meeting dates at each board meeting.

Meeting Location

The Watershed District Board of Managers will conduct regular meetings at the City of Scandia Community Center.  The Board may conduct meetings at the Watershed District office, at 21150 Ozark Avenue, P.O. Box 188, Scandia, MN 55073.  

Meeting Notice

The Board will post special meeting notices in the District’s newspaper of record (Currently at the Saint Croix Valley Press), and if possible at the Scandia Community Center.  

Meeting Conduct

The Board President will facilitate the Board Meetings. If the President is absent, managers will chair the meeting on a rotating basis starting and continuing alphabetically. Board Meetings will be open meetings, and the President may call upon others in attendance to speak on a concern or question.  Board meetings will follow Robert's Rules of Order.

Meeting Minutes

The Meeting Minutes should reflect agenda items, primary discussion and official action (motion, second, vote).  Staff should forward minutes to Managers at least one week prior to the next regular meeting.  Managers must review minutes prior to the next regular meeting to suggest amendments and approve.  Managers may suggest edits or corrections prior to Board action.  Staff will prepare separate meeting minutes for special meetings.  

Board Positions


The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for duties as assigned and signing contracts that require a second signature. The Secretary/Treasurer provides a financial report at each regular meeting that summarizes the watershed district’s income and expenditures.  The Secretary/Treasurer also works with the accountant to maintain current financial information, including: 

  • Track invoices and requests for payment.  Managers must approve (majority vote) all payment of invoices. 
  • Collect forms for payment including an invoice or manager expense form.  Invoices must show date, type of work and amount.  Manager expense forms must include receipts for reimbursable expenses.
  • Prepare report itemizing the bills to be paid by type and class to be incorporated into the regular monthly meeting minutes.
  • Maintain current data on accounts, including reserve and surety accounts, checking account, etc.
  • Maintain financial information including account balances  and current expenses.  The balance should be in an interest bearing, insured account.  Treasurer will file the monthly bank statement with cancelled checks together for each month of the calendar year.  Annual file will also contain the checking account statements, paid invoices and claims, and past financial reports.
  • Maintain ledgers and journals as prescribed by current generally accepted accounting practices.


The president facilitates the meetings, signs all contracts, delegates responsibilities to managers, directs administration, gives direction to vendors and contracted services.  The president may appoint a parliamentarian (a manager or attorney) for special meetings. 

Advisory Committees

The managers will appoint an advisory committee as needed to advise the board on regular watershed business or special projects.  Committee members must live in the communities that are included within the watershed boundaries.  Appointment to the advisory committee may be made at any regular meeting throughout the year. MS 103D.331 4

Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Carnelian-Marine-Saint Croix Watershed District will be the same as the calendar year.

Annual Report

An annual report and newsletter will be prepared by a committee of at least two managers and be approved for submission pursuant to MS 103D.351, upon a majority vote of the managers.

Annual Audit

The managers will cause an annual audit of the books and accounts of the District pursuant to MS 13D.355. 

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the CMSCWD will be held at the regular meeting in August of each year.  At the annual meeting the managers will elect officers of the District to the term ending June 30 or each year following.  The managers will proceed to elect among themselves the following officers: President, and Secretary/Treasurer.  In addition to the election of officers, the mangers will appoint or re-appoint for the ensuing 2 years a bank or depository for funds of the District, a consulting engineer, legal counsel, an advisory committee, and such other professional assistance as the District may require. In all respects Sections 1 and 2 of the Bylaws will apply to annual meetings as well.

Special Meetings

A special meeting of the managers is a meeting called for the purpose of conducting certain specified business and the mangers may only consider such matters.  In all other respects, Sections 1 and 2 of the Bylaws will apply to special meetings as well. 

Public Hearings 

MN Status governs public hearings of the watershed district.  Managers are Public Officials subject to Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board.

Permit Fees

Pursuant to MS 103D.345, the District will charge a fee for each permit application and may require a bond to cover costs related to field inspection, engineering, legal or other expenses incurred. See permit schedule adopted 11-07-2005. 


A quorum will consist of any four managers present.  No meeting will be opened without a quorum. The president has full voting privileges at all times.

Bylaws Adoption and Revision

The Board will adopt the Bylaws by a majority vote 4 of 7 manager’s approval.  The Board will amend or suspend the Bylaws by same procedure.

District Liability Insurance

The Watershed District will maintain a public officials’ liability insurance policy to protect managers from potential lawsuits brought by the performance of their duties as managers for the district. The district will pay in the full the initial policy premium as well as any deductible amounts provided for by the policies.

Additional Insurance:  The Watershed District will maintain a workers compensation policy pursuant to the Minnesota statutory requirements for elected and appointed officials. The district will pay in full the initial policy premiums as well as deductible amounts, if any.

Bylaws Board Approval


Motion by Manager Kronmiller


Second by Manager Polasik


Vote  For 6, Against 0


Revised: November 12, 2012




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