Wetland Plans

In 2008 the CMSCWD completed a Comprehensive Wetland Management Plan that included a complete inventory and functional assessment for all the wetlands in the District. The 2008 Wetland Management Plan was incorporated into the District’s 2000 Overall Management Plan through the plan amendment process.

Appendix-B of this 2010 Plan contains the CMSCWD Wetland Management Plan as revised to be consistent with updates to the District rules. The Wetland Management Plan supplements existing state and federal regulations and adds additional protection and flexibility to manage the wetlands in the District. Utmost emphasis is placed on maintaining and protecting the diverse array of high value and high function wetlands within CMSCWD, with secondary focus on restoration. The wetland functional assessment was used to classify CMSCWD’s wetlands into one of the four management categories, described in the attached 2010 Plan Appendix. 

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