Watershed Wisdom

The District sponsors watershed education in local schools through the Watershed Wisdom Program. Directed by educator Sally Leider, the program works with fifth-grade classes at Marine and Scandia schools linking St. Croix Valley youth with educators, scientists, artists and naturalists to inspire stewardship of the St. Croix Watershed.The program is a model of place centered experiential education where learning about one’s own “backyard” builds lasting commitments to preserving watershed health and river stewardship. Developing an affinity for the natural world at a young age fosters an ethic of caring, which is crucial to protecting and restoring local watersheds. Through the program, students learn: 

  • Concept of watershed
  • Ecological or watershed address
  • Water flowage and drainage patterns in our watershed
  • Identification of water bodies in our own “backyard”
  • Watershed mapping 
  • Best practices for a healthy watershed - things to do at home and at school

For more information, visit: www.watershedwisdom.com