Staff and Management


Jim Shaver
Phone: (651) 433-2150



Dave De Vault , President
Phone: (612) 670-5530

Kristin Tuenge, Secretary
Phone: (651) 433-3763

Wade Johnson, Treasurer
Phone: (651) 356-9573

Other Managers

Eric Lindberg
Phone: (651) 430-0752

Thomas Polasik
Phone: (651) 430-0263

Joel Stedman
Phone: (651) 433-2836

Andrew Weaver
Phone: (651) 491-2656

Cost Share Committee

Dave De Vault
Eric Lindberg
Thomas Polasik

Primary Service Providers:

Legal:  Lawson Law Firm
Engineering:  Emmons & Olivier Resources, Inc.
Accounting:  David McCord. Ltd
Communications:  MMC Associates, LLP
Newspaper:  County Messenger

Note: The District also reserves the right to utilize the services of other providers on an
as needed basis.